Monday, 11 August 2014


Hello All!

Just to let you know, I'm no longer blogging over here but I have started a brand, new, shiny one called Thank You Please To You.

I'd love for you to continue reading my posts so please do pop over and take a look around....

Ailie xx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What's New!


I'm back and checking in to catch up with you all (that's if anyone is actually still reading? I've not blogged for such a long time) I guess I better wish you all a Happy New Year too (it's been THAT long!)

Life has been pretty hectic if I'm honest. I've been busy studying, doing coursework and revising for mocks etc. at College and then when I'm at home I've only really got time to wrap and pack all my orders from Bramble and Bracken (which have been coming in thick and fast and I can't quite believe the support and success of it - thank you!!!), gobble down some dinner and then watch a smidgin of TV (OK, I admit it - I've been watching Celeb Big Brother!) before going to bed and then doing it all again the next day! I am not complaining at all as I am truly loving the balance I've got at the moment of serious education and the excitement and fun of having my own business but of course somethings gotta give and in my case, it's blogging.

All the things I used to do a lot like baking, crafting etc I just haven't really had as much time to do lately and when I have done something I wouldn't say it was worth blogging about or was particularly interesting, so I am sorry there is such a lack of that sort of thing around here now.

However, if you used to like my 'finds' section then you're in luck! I am now hunting down and sourcing unique, special and down right gorgeous companies pretty much daily as part of growing Bramble and Bracken. I really enjoy finding out about little businesses and being on the look out for incredible artists who may not be that well known (yet most certainly should be) and that's the sort of thing you'll find in the shop nowadays. Alongside my designs on phone cases we've got an expanding range of stationery, homewares and accessories. Many of the items are made in the UK but we've now got some lovely new lines from the Netherlands, America and South Africa too!

Anyway, I'm is just a brief look at a few of the items we've got online now! Lots more coming for SS14 too, so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled!

To go alongside our infamous 'Instagram' phone case, we designed 2 more for the new year - don't be afraid to admit that you're kind of a big deal!! ;) 

Bramble and Bracken are thrilled to be the only UK stockist of Miss Honeybird stamps and have a vast collection for you to choose from - they come all the way from the Netherlands!

From a little less further-afield, in fact just down the road in Southampton are these brilliant cards - we love the hand drawn illustrations on them and we have pretty much every occasion covered! From Valentines to Mother's Day! 

We are also SUPER excited for these amazing cushions to arrive from the US - there's not much more to say other than they're lovely! yay!

Well that's us all caught up then! Hopefully you all follow me on Instagram and Twitter so you can keep up to date with the goings on. 

Will try and be back soon!

Much Love,
Ailie xxx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Behind the Scenes - Bramble and Bracken Christmas Photoshoot

On a grey day in October, it was time for the Bramble and Bracken Christmas photoshoot - it involved very prematurely wrapping up empty boxes in Christmas paper, rummaging through our Christmas dec boxes for baubles, stockings and wreaths...oh and of course it meant purchasing a box of mince pies too!

Yesterday, I decided that it was time for us to make the site a little more festive. Although we aren't stocking products specifically for Christmas, we like to hope that what we do have on our virtual shelves are perfect gifts.

Whilst our 'proper' photoshoot was taking place, I snapped some 'behind the scenes shots' - let's put it this way...Brodie wasn't the best help that day!! Those mince pies didn't hang around too long!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Start Thinking Stocking Fillers

Christmas is 36 days away *yipeee* and there are only 12 days until we can officially start listening to Christmas music and watching festive films. Then all the tree decorating malarkey can start and we can stuff ourselves with mince pies!

I'm trying to get organised this year and I'm not going to leave my pressie buying until the last minute - I've got my friends all sorted, it's just family left to get for now. So, I thought I'd do a little post on some stocking filler ideas incase you need some inspiration and are also trying to get ahead of the game.

First of all, you need something to put the stocking fillers in...of course there is something charming about having a traditional stocking, but I think a great modern alternative is to get a tote bag, like this one from Alphabet Bags, as not only is it just gorgeous, it's a present in itself!
For all the bakers out there (me included!) this is the perfect gift, a beautiful mini cupcake stand - love love love it - Dear Santa, I'd quite like one of these in my stocking please! 

Something to wear on Christmas day...this gorgeous sparkly geometric triangle necklace adds a little glamour to the simplest of outfits!

Ok, this is maybe unlikely to fit in a stocking, but it's too lovely not to mention! A pretty boat cushion  by Long Story Co 
After Christmas, I always found my wrapping supplies rather depleted, I love this gift wrapping book by Papermash featuring variety of different wrapping papers, tags etc! What a brill idea!
You can't have a stocking without a pair of socks in - check out the lovely ones on the Seasalt website (in fact,  even if you don't fancy the socks take a peek anyway as their site has had a lovely Christmas make over ). 

Well, fingers crossed that's given you a few ideas for little gifts. I think I'll make this a rolling post and just keep adding to it when I see something that I think would make a good stocking filler, so check back soon! 

Lots more Christmassy posts coming up so keep your eyes peeled!

Much Love,
Ailie xxx 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bramble and Bracken's New Stationery Range

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll have no doubt gathered how *obsessed* I am with stationery. In fact obsessed is perhaps an understatement - if there was a stationery anonymous group, I'd need to go!

So, now that's all cleared up you can imagine my excitement to be STOCKING the most gorgeous, amazing and beautiful stationery I have ever set eyes on. Whilst at Top Drawer a month or so ago there were lots of stands there that I liked and whose products I thought were lovely, yet whilst meandering an aisle I came across the most delightful pastel haven in which I would actually have happily lived in forever. This was Studio Sarah's stand.

I adored it, not only were Sarah and her mum just lovely, her products are so distinctive and are just all I could wish for in a product. We're talking pastels, notebooks and cards, cloth spines AND gold foil (you're dribbling aren't you?). I just knew in my heart that I had to have Studio Sarah on my online shop, so that's what I did!

You'll be happy to hear that I do now stock SS and you can get your mitts on the amazing products now - just pop over to Bramble and Bracken. The notebooks in particular are the perfect stocking fact, I have sold quite a few just for that reason! Yeah - me and Father Christmas are bessie all better be good for the next couple of months or Mrs Claus will keep them all!

I would love to know what you think of Studio Sarah & if you also get that butterfly feeling when you look at the items?!

Much Love,
Ailie xx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hats for Autumn

Well hello everyone! Long time no speak...sorry I've been rubbish at blogging of late. With college work, Bramble and Bracken and everything else I haven't quite managed to find the time to blog. Anyway, I'm hoping to get back into a little more and post lots of pretty Autumn/Winter blog posts!

So, I may as well start as I mean to go on  - HATS! You can't go through winter without a good hat or two to keep your head nice and toasty as you stand around a bonfire or squish together a snowman.

This year I have 2 main hats which I really love and am not self conscious wearing at all - I find that that is often a problem with buying hats. I adore them yet feel as though everyone else is going 'what on earth was she thinking' - you've got to be BRAVE!

Number 1 is a gorgeous fedora hat from House of Fraser - it's not too big and I love the fact that it is black yet has the tan belt-style detail. This means that it literally goes with everything, especially my winter shoes which are mainly black or tan.

Number 2 is THE cosiest and comfiest bobble hat from Cashmere Goose.  I won't lie, I've never been one for a bobble hat in the past but the bobble on this one is so fluffy I just couldn't resist! I now feel as though bobble isn't actually a real word I've said it so much!

I would love to see pics of you all rocking your hats...I'm hoping for a real temperature plummet over the next week or two so I can really wrap up warm!!

Much Love,
Ailie x

Friday, 20 September 2013

How it's all going!

So, as you may know from reading here or following me on my social media networks. A month and a bit a go I launched my very first business (not bad for a 17 year old, I guess!) it has been such an exciting, fun and interesting month and I have learnt so much.

The original plan was for me to design and get manufactured all the items I wanted to sell, just like I did with the phone cases. It became fairly clear that I would really need to have a design background or at least a lot of time to find the right manufacturers in order to do this for everything and for the items to be the quality I wanted. So, in order to help keep Bramble and Bracken fresh and exciting I decided that I was going to start stocking some other peoples work that I truly love myself. It sort of made sense asI do a lot of 'finds' here on my blog, so it would obviously be ideal if I had a place where I can still do that and still hunt out some amazing things but  people can now just buy straight from there.
Hand Embroidered Bunny  - £25

I am now stocking, along with the social media phone cases,  some of my absolute favourite items that I have sourced and last weekend went to the wonder that is 'Top Drawer' at Olympia and came across some amazing new things that will be coming to the shelves of B&B soon too, all of which are made in the UK.

Pastel Geo Print - £15
It's all very exciting and I cannot wait for the Christmas period now! If you haven't already checked out Bramble and Bracken, please do and let me know what you think!

Much Love, and thanks for your support.
Ailie xxx
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